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"When the heart is open, it possesses the qualities of willingness and suppleness, of having a natural sense of wonder and freedom from fear. As these qualities grow and develop, as the heart opens, one can return to the origin, to breathe the original breath and become one with the pulse of the universe. This Qigong, called Awakening the Soul, has the power to achieve this."

Master Li Holding Heaven in Awakening the Soul Qigong

What is Awakening the Soul? by Master Li Ju Feng

Master Li Holding the LotusAwakening the soul also means distilling the soul, clarifying the soul. With renewed clarity, one gains a deeper understanding of one's life and what truly matters. It becomes clear that the experience of unconditional love is the most valuable thing one can attain in life. To experience the heart to its fullest, one must cultivate love. The soil of the heart must be tilled to harvest the sweet fruit of unconditional love. In living by this truth, one learns how to enjoy life. Being happy comes naturally. What follows is a sense of perfect well-being, a sense of profound contentment.

Through the practice of Awakening the Soul, may all people experience the opening of the heart, the freshness of returning to the beginning, and the simplicity of once again becoming one with nature and the universe. Then, all can experience true love, understand life, and enjoy life fully - body and soul.

The soul is the vehicle of the Spirit on this realm. The soul mirrors the Spirit. The clarity of the soul reflects the stillness of the Spirit. Quality of life on this realm is determined by the state of the soul and Spirit upon coming into this realm... as well as the choices one makes in life.

Oneness with Higher Soul I AM THAT I AMThe soul may also be understood and examined in relation to the heart. What is the heart? Aside from the physical heart itself, it is, what we may call, the individual's subjective principle, i.e., temperament, emotions, attitude, state of mind. An individual's soul may also be seen as part of the heart. The heart is connected to the Spirit through the soul. Being its vehicle, the Spirit functions on this realm through the soul, through the heart. An individual's health, his moral character and his understanding of life is linked to how he is in touch with his heart and soul.

It is possible to reconnect with one's original state at birth. Through the practice of Awakening the Soul, one is able to return to the newness of coming into this realm for the first time. When the soul is awakened, the experience is like breathing new life into the body. The key to awakening the soul is the opening of the heart.

When the heart is open, it possesses the qualities of willingness and suppleness, of having a natural sense of wonder and freedom from fear. As these qualities grow and develop, as the heart opens, one can return to the origin, to breathe the original breath and become one with the pulse of the universe. This Qigong, called Awakening the Soul, has the power to achieve this. Upon reaching this state, when the soul is awakened, one's life becomes inspired, and doubt and worry cease to exist. The burden of life becomes non-existent as in a newborn child. Then, one's own awakened soul, one's open heart, becomes the doorway to freedom and clarity.

Awakening the Soul and Sheng Zhen

Group practicing Lifting the Veil
Group Practicing Lifting the Veil in Awakening the Soul

The movements of Awakening the Soul Qi Gong are easy to learn. This Qi Gong is the most basic Qi Gong within the Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong system. It leads naturally into Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong proper. It serves as a guide to life, a gift given at the start of the spiritual journey. It is the stepping-stone towards the final goal. It can lead people into the sweetest and the most beautiful state that is the gift of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong.

In the One heart of the one loveIt is our hope that those who learn Awakening the Soul Qi Gong move into the practice of Zhongtian Yiqi meditation and eventually go into the moving forms that comprise Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong. This is the purpose of Awakening the Soul Qi Gong - to draw people into the deeper Sheng Zhen practices.

The movements of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong are unique and unparalleled. May those who eventually become practitioners of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong explore and discover its inner beauty. Although the physical movements are beautiful, to experience its inner as well as its outer beauty - its perfection, is the goal of the practice.

The purpose and philosophy of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong hold the highest teachings. It is important for the practitioner to understand the Sheng Zhen mission - that all of humanity experience peace and oneness, and harmony with nature; to help humanity in discovering life's purpose. Through this mission's work, it becomes possible to attain a fulfilling life - to be healthier, happier. Through the mission, one is gifted with a more positive attitude and capable of embracing the ups and downs of life. The warm smile of a heart that is filled with love and joy invokes blessings to the entire world. This is the mission of Sheng Zhen and this is the motivation for your practice - to transform the peace and happiness in every person's heart to become the collective heart of a humankind immersed in love.

Reaching for the Stars


About the Author

Master Li Jun FengMaster Li Jun Feng is the principal teacher of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong. Presently, he tours the US, Canada, South America, and Europe throughout the year. He is training and certifying others to become teachers to thereby help spread the practice throughout the world. He is also the head of International Sheng Zhen Society, the foundation which propagates the practice of Wuji Yuan Gong. Master Li is best known for having been the head coach for the world renowned Beijing Wushu Team of the People's Republic of China. After practicing and teaching wushu (martial arts) and training champions for many years, he gave all that up to devote his time to teaching Wuji Yuan Gong to the world. It is his deepest desire to share the blessings he has received and all that he has attained in practicing this loving form of qigong.


Awakening the Soul


Ricardo Holding the Lotus Mudra at the Center
Lotus Mudra at the Center
in Awakening the Soul

EDITOR's NOTE: Master Li's work - Sheng Zhen Qigong - connects you to your Original Spirit. The eight seated movements with contemplations of Awakening the Soul Qigong soften (till) the heart and clarify the Soul. Consequently, the Original Spirit can shine through this clarified Soul and then flourish as unconditional love in the newly fertile, prepared heart.

Shen GongThis Medical form of Shen Gong (spiritual cultivation) is a gentle, meditative, exercise that helps improve the flow of Qi, refresh and purify the Qi in the body, cultivate the Three Treasures Jing, Qi and Shen, relax the body, improve flexibility and balance, reduce stress, calm the mind, feel joy and profound well-being, balance the emotions, and experience the Qigong state of spiritual oneness.


Merkaba, Hologram of Unconditional Love around Earth

Awakening the Soul Qigong complements the Hologram of Unconditional Love, Merkaba activation, Zhan Zhuang Qigong, Primordial Wuji Qigong, Qi Dao, Benefits of Energizing Water Bio-energetically, and the meditations for soul realization recommended in the Affirmation of the Soul, Physical Death and Spiritual Liberation, Shaktipat meditation, Rainbow Bridge Meditation, Pranic Healing, and Distance Healing.

Awakening Heart of a BodhisattvaAn excellent complementary practice with Master Li's Awakening the Soul Qigong taught at the Workshops is the Buddha Palm Method called Maitreya sitting Qigong included mainly in the Realization of Buddha Nature & Buddha Palm ebook to substantially experience Being in the Flow of Qi - the universal life force, universal healing and opening your heart to the unconditional love of your Original Spirit through your Soul.

Enlightenment Qigong for Returning to OnenessWestern Herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Each of the three Sheng Zhen sitting Qigong forms - Kuan Yin, Mohammed and Jesus, and each of the five Sheng Zhen standing Qigong moving forms that best complement and accompany the sitting Awakening the Soul Qigong are Jesus Standing Qigong, Kuan Yin Standing Qigong, Lao Tzu's Return to Spring Standing Qigong, Mohammed Standing Qigong, and Taiji Shen Gong together with the two non-moving Sheng Zhen Qigong forms Zhongtian Yiqi Gong and the 9-turns Jiu Zuan Zhen Dan Qigong, which are all taught at the Workshops.

Awakened Ruby Heart of Sheng Zhen TeachersAccording to Master Li, "Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong has moving and non-moving forms. The moving forms help cultivate Qi while the non-moving forms help condense and store the Qi in the body. Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong has three main functions. First, it is good for physical health. The inner cultivation of Qi helps improve the circulation of the blood and strengthens the body which directly improves your health. So it is medical qigong. Secondly, it is good for the emotions. It can remove stress, worries, nervousness, anger and hatred so that, no matter what is going on around you, you are calm, at ease and balanced. Therefore, it is emotional qigong. Thirdly, Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong opens and purifies the heart and elevates the spirit so it is spiritual qigong.

Heaven, Man and Earth in HarmonyThrough the practice of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, learn to relax your body, relax your mind. For if a person does not know how to be at ease, they are in a sense, suffering and cannot find the key. To rise above the shackles of this world, you must have the key. The key is your open heart. Only when the heart is open can the Qi flow and make you happy and free.

The experience of Sheng Zhen - the experience of unconditional love is the gift of the practice of Wuji Yuan Gong. Through the practice, the heart is opened; the experience of unconditional love becomes tangible and accessible. As the Qi flows through the body in the practice, it brings about an experience of inner delight. This can only be described as being in a state of love. With time, one can even feel this blissful inner sensation while going through an ordinary day in one's life. Slowly and naturally, balance, harmony, wisdom, compassion, joy, and divine inspiration characterize one's existence."


Heaven, Man and Earth in Harmony
Heaven, Earth and Man
in Harmony

Man, Heaven, and Earth, all three, are mutually related, with the heart as master.
- Huai-nan-tzu, Chapter 7, On Seminal Essence, Breath and Spirit

Heaven, Earth and I are living together, and all things
and I form an inseparable unity.
- Chuang Tzu

The journey back to one's true home is a journey into one's own Heart - a journey into the heart of existence - back to that "nothingness" from which everything arises. To attain this state is to know one's place in the scheme of things - to always be at home no matter where one is - to always experience wholeness no matter what the circumstances of one's life may be. To attain this state is to merge with all and to know that there is only One. - Master Li Jun Feng

The real Soul is what is called your True (Original) Nature or
the Buddha Nature within you
. -- Master Choa Kok Sui


The Three Dan Tiens correspond to the Three Treasures and also to Heaven, Man and Earth


Awakening the Soul is synonymous with awakening the Buddha Nature


Awakening your Buddha Nature is synonymous with Awakening your Soul


"In the Sheng Zhen forms of qigong, opening one's heart is the primary purpose.
The Qi is the vehicle of unconditional love, of Sheng Zhen
." - Master Li Jun Feng

Open your Inner Heart & Return to Oneness via Awakening the Soul Qigong
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