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"In the Sheng Zhen forms of qigong, opening one's heart is the primary purpose. The qi is the vehicle of unconditional love, of Sheng Zhen." -- Master Li Jun Feng

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Open Your Heart to Unconditional Love
Awakening the Soul Qigong and Sheng Zhen


Sheng Zhen Family Photos at Sheng Zhen Teacher Training, Nevada City, California, USA, July 11-21, 2008


Veteran's Building, 415 North Pine Street, Nevada City, California, USA
Veteran's Building, 415 North Pine Street,
Nevada City, California, USA


July 23, 2008


I would like to share below some workshop pictures taken during the 10 day Sheng Zhen Teacher Training workshop I and my other fellow Sheng Zhen Qigong practitioners attended at Nevada City, California in July 11-21, 2008 facilitated by Teacher Li Jun Feng, head and principal teacher of the International Sheng Zhen Society. We were blessed to have been able to receive the great gift of experiencing the opening of the heart to unconditional love from Teacher Li Jun Feng through his Awakening the Soul and Sheng Zhen Qigong overseen by Heavenly Mother, and Ascended Masters Kuan Yin, Jesus, Lao Tzu and Mohammed.

Heavenly Mother
Heavenly Mother

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Awakening the Soul is synonymous with awakening the Buddha Nature

Realization of Buddha Nature is synonymous with Being in the flow of Qi - the universal life force, and the vehicle of unconditional love, of Sheng Zhen

Through the practice of Sheng Zhen, you will learn to step into the flow of Qi and surrender to it

Happiness and health are the essence of life. On a higher level, the main purpose of life is to learn what unconditional love is to give more love to the world. Life comes from qi. Qi comes from the power of love. Qi and love are never separate. Each person can affect the environment, and the environment can affect the person. Each individual can positively affect the universe as a whole by sending unconditional love everywhere and to all beings. We hope unconditional love goes everywhere and to everyone. In our world, full of love, this world will become like paradise. - Master Li Jun Feng

Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God. - Teilhard de Chardin

Awakening Heart of a Bodhisattva"How do you know that you have reunited with God's Love - the Source of All?" A simple infallible sign or answer to this eternal universal question is - joy, blissful joy. Another most important relevant question is "How is this made possible?" This is made humanly possible by doing the moving Kuan Yin standing Qigong and Awakening the Soul Qigong with contemplations, and non-moving Qigong forms of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong especially with Zhongtian Yiqi meditation that open the practitioner's heart to the unconditional love of God within one's heart for holistic healing and elevating the Spirit. This is the great promise of Sheng Zhen - the Qigong of Unconditional Love. See Sheng Zhen Qigong of Unconditional Love

Heaven, Man and Earth in OnenessI wholeheartedly and personally thank Teacher Li Jun Feng for facilitating Awakening the Soul Qigong, Zhongtian Yiqi meditation and Kuan Yin standing Qigong with its Sheng Zhen mission and philosophy in this second teacher training workshop I have attended (See 2006 Sheng Zhen Teacher Training Family Photos at White Rock, British Columbia) which has greatly opened my heart to unconditional love, to Sheng Zhen, that made possible the attainment of the Qigong State for physical, psychological and emotional healing, and elevation of Spirit for returning to oneness and becoming a bridge between Heaven and Earth as a Qi-healer and Sheng Zhen Qigong instructor. See Divine Invocation Sanctum

May the experience we gain from Awakening the Soul add to the ever expanding world of the heart, the place where all the answers are found, and lasting fulfillment and true freedom are experienced. May our lives become an expression of the inner joy which is our essence.

Enlightened meditator under a moonbeamCertified by Teacher Li Jun Feng to teach Sheng Zhen, I welcome interested people who wanted to learn Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong for health and inner peace to call 604-987-1797 for appointment or contact shengzhen@qigonghealer.com May you have a healthy and happy life!

In the One Heart of the One Love,

Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.
Registered Acupuncturist
Certifed Sheng Zhen Teacher


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Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac. Sheng Zhen Qigong teacher


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Awakened Ruby Heart of Sheng Zhen Teachers

Teacher Li demonstrating Awakening the Soul

Suddenly Lifting the VeilHolding the Heavens Grounded on Earth

Freeing Oneself to Become a SaintWalk to the Center of Heaven

Traveling Eastward Across the OceanQui Er Gazing at the Moon

Qi Twirling Above the HeadTravelling Eastward Across the Ocean

July 2008 Nevada City California Group Sheng Zhen Family Photos

Ricardo deep in Zhongtian Yiqi meditationTeacher Li and Ricardo B. SerranoMaster Li Jun Feng


Newspaper Feature Article:
NEGATIVITY DISSOLVES Qigong Master Li Jun Feng teaches students by Dave Moller from theUnion.com


Planets and Stars of the Galaxy
The Moon of the heart is revealed

In an instant it happens the heart knows the song
The soul knows the dance of the full moon's moonlight
Suddenly it comes the freedom of knowing
Of basking in the joy of now remembering
The weight of exertion is lifted away
The illusion of weariness dissolved by the moonlight
No longer just a memory much more than familiar
That light seen at birth that is now here to stay
Fearlessness, freedom, fullness of being
The inner delight of simply existing
The purity, the clarity, the bliss of recalling
The awakening of the soul, a brand new beginning!

-- Suddenly Lifting the Veil from "Awakening the Soul"


Reaching for the Stars

If you receive or practice Qi (energy) healing, you should practice Sheng Zhen Qigong to open your heart/elevate your Spirit and to cleanse, balance, energize and replenish Qi in your physical body and other subtle bodies

Physical body and subtle bodies connected to heaven and rooted on earth through Sheng Zhen Qigong

The Root of Heaven and Earth

The Spirit's Valley is Eternal;
It is the primal Mother.
Her gateway is the root of Heaven and Earth.
It is like a veil barely seen.
Use it; it will never fail.
-- Chapter 6 of Tao Te Ching

Give yourself the gift of enlightenment


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Planets and Stars of the Galaxy
Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong - Qigong of Unconditional Love
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"Awakening the Soul" Sheng Zhen Qigong
Purifies the Physical Body, Calms the Emotions, Opens the Heart

Traditional Qigong is a Chinese system of prescribed physical exercises or movements performed in a meditative state. It is the cultivation or gathering of fresh, clear universal qi (essential energy) into the body, mind and heart. The three functions of Qigong are purifying the physical body, calming the emotional body, and opening the heart/ elevating the spirit.

Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong is a specialized form of Qi Gong practice that "restores man to his original Self." According to Li Jing, "Awakening the Soul is one of the forms in Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong. It is a sitting practice which consist of eight movements. The meaning of each movement is very beautiful and profound. The movements are easy to learn.

"Awakening the Soul has a meditative aspect, leading one to the origin of life. For those who want to start to meditate, this form is very helpful and powerful. Awakening the Soul can open our hearts like the other forms of Sheng Zhen practice, but it works more directly on the soul, connecting the soul to the origin. When we practice this regularly, we come to a healthy living style; inner beauty and goodness will unfold -- little by little we gain the understanding of human life and of naturally living a happy life.

"Sheng Zhen believes Qi with unconditional love is the most powerful healing. Through Awakening the Soul, our lives may become an expression of the inner joy which is our essence. May the experience we gain from Awakening the Soul add to the ever expanding world of the heart, the place where all the answers are found, and lasting fulfillment and true freedom are experienced."

Practitioners of Sheng Zhen Qi Gong say it has pervasive health benefits:

  1. Purifying the Physical Body

    Qi is the essence, the origin of life. When fresh qi is flowing freely through the body, it opens the meridians, removing disease (stagnant qi) and keeping the body healthy. When qi is moving freely, it increases the flow of blood and oxygen to every cell. Its smooth, uninterrupted movement can lower blood pressure, strengthen muscles and boost the immune system. The Yin and Yang balance is automatically restored.

  2. Calming the Emotional Body

    Qigong is also good for emotional health. Clean qi can wash away stress, sadness, worry, anger, jealousy and anxiety. It replaces these negative emotions with a profound sense of inner peace. One becomes a naturally happy person.

  3. Opening the Heart/ Elevating the Spirit

    Through Sheng Zhen Qigong movement and meditation, the body and mind become very calm. This state of peace allows the heart to open to its natural state of unconditional love. The unconditional love of the universe floods into and out of the heart of the practitioner, producing a state of wholeness, of oneness with All. When one arrives at this state, there is a sense of merging with everything everywhere. The practitioner returns to his natural state, a state of perfect well-being.

Master Li Jun FengThe practice of Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong was founded and developed by Master Li Jun Feng whose story is an example of human destiny prevailing over multiple obstacles, shifts and turns in direction, and the vagaries of the Communist Chinese political system.

Li Jun Feng was born in China in 1938. The grandson of a doctor of traditional Oriental medicine. Li had hoped to study at a medical university. However, in 1950s China, those decisions were made exclusively by the state, so Li was directed to China's best university teaching Physical Education. There, he wanted to develop his skills in volleyball and fencing, but was directed by the school to major in wushu, or Chinese martial arts. Destiny was clearly at play ...

Upon graduating from university in 1965, Li was assigned by the government to a job as a marksman in Hebei Province, but his destiny called again and he was reassigned to coach the wushu team there. In 1971, his amateurs participated in a competition against the pros ... and won! The Chinese government immediately made him the chief coach of their professional team; he served in this capacity from 1974 to 1985, coaching men's and women's wushu teams that thrilled Olympics audiencies by winning scores of gold medals.

The initial wushu film in which Li starred as an actor was a huge hit throughout China, winning awards for both Li and the film's director when it was released in 1983. It was the first Chinese nationally-made feature film, following on the heels of Shaolin Temple, Jet Li's blockbuster the year before, made in Hong Kong. Li Jun Feng made many more films in China becoming quite famous nationally as a martial arts film star.

At the height of his film career, in 1987, Li's home door rang. "Heavenly Mother sent me to look for you," said the simple man standing there to the nationally-famous movie star. For 20 years, Li Jun Feng had attempted to master the art and science of meditation, but it had eluded him. On that auspicious day in 1987, his Zhongtian Yiqi meditation teacher, Master Zhang, found him, and Li's life would never be the same. Destiny at work once more ...

Also, in 1987, the government of the Philippines invited Li to coach their national team. Initially, Chinese officials said no, but after a year of negotiations, finally issued Li a government passport (which gave him greater freedom) and authorized the move. In the Philippines, Li coached tai chi, kung fu, and traditional qi gong from 1988 to 1991. While in the Philippines, Li practiced his meditation.

On his return to China in 1991, Li visited Master Zhang's hometown. They meditated together in the backyard of his modest home, and in the park, surrounded by barking dogs. "The movements will be given to you," Li's teacher told him. Then one day, after a year of practice, while on a retreat with his 18-year old daughter Jing, Li Jun Feng received the unique movements that would become the core of his Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong practice. It was the beginning of Li's work as the teacher of a practice that returns people to an experience of their essential nature, of unconditional love, of Oneness.

Afterwards, over time, Li and his daughter, Jing, clarified the meaning of the various movements, and, while her father wrote them down, Jing spoke the contemplations that accompany the movements. In 1995, Master Li founded the International Sheng Zhen Society, giving formal structure to the work he had been doing, and opening the door for him to spread his work around the world.

Now Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong is practiced in 15 countries on five continents, with certified teachers in most of these locations. Master Li's home base is now Austin, Texas, however he travels worldwide, teaching the practice, training and certifying teachers, and spreading the message. "In heaven," he says, "there are no religions. It is all the same. Our work is to bring this experience of unconditional love to all those on earth who are ready for it. This is what I am blessed to be able to do."

"Love can transform people's hearts. Love can dissolve hate. Love can affect the environment. Unconditional love is the best medicine and the highest power." -- Master Li Jun Feng

See Master Li Jun Feng on Wikipedia and About Father by Jing Li

* To further deepen your understanding, you may want to consult the books, Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, A Return to Oneness, and Sheng Zhen Healing Qigong, or seek further instruction with a certified Sheng Zhen teacher.

Buddha Kuan YinJESUSLao TzuProphet Mohammed

"Often I am asked why the various forms are named after deities and leaders of different spiritual traditions? It is in our desire to honor them. The gifts of these spiritual entities - their philosophies, teachings, and what they represent are expressed in the movements and the contemplations that accompany the forms. They are the embodiment of Heaven, Earth, and Love.

Through the practice, I came to understand that love is the Source of All - love that is unconditional, selfless and totally free. It is from this that qi came into being, flowing out of unconditional love. From timelessness, from wuji, qi created the universe of non-definable reality. From this non-dual reality, yin and yang came into being and blended together giving rise to the world of duality. Wuji became taiji. So it is qi that created the universe and it is unconditional love that gave birth to qi.

In time, the different moving and non-moving forms came to be collectively known as Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong - Sheng Zhen, the highest most sacred truth, which is unconditional love. Sheng Zhen is kindheartedness. It is all good things in one - fraternal love, filial love, love for nature, love for oneself. All forms of love put together is Sheng Zhen. Sheng Zhen is the essence of the universe. It is the spirit that moves and permeates the practice of Wuji Yuan Gong. Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong is the original, most basic form of qigong. It is timeless. It is old but it is also new. It is old because the truth expressed in its philosophy always existed. It is new because it is expressed and imparted in a new way to suit the times." - Master Li Jun Feng

Zhongtian Yiqi Gong by Master Li Jun Feng
Zhongtian Yiqi Gong
by Master Li Jun Feng

Li Jing and Teacher LiLove Descends on Me in Jesus Sitting

Overlooking the Ocean in Kuan Yin StandingDescending to Earth in Jesus Standing

Master Li Jun Feng Return to the Origin
Return to the Origin

A thirst of the heart, all forms of yearning
Is a longing to return to the point of origin
A desire to reclaim the Self long forgotten
To taste the deep contentment of just simply being
Like the ongoing cycle of birth and death
The natural sequence of hold and release
The flow of the in breath the flow of the out breath
The circle is completed with the simplest of ease
-- Excerpt Return to the Origin from "Awakening the Soul"

Sheng Zhen Healing Qigong bookPurple Lotus of International Sheng Zhen SocietySheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, A Return to Oneness book

Oneness with Higher Soul I AM THAT I AM
Teacher Li Jun Feng demonstrating Kuan Yin Standing
Teacher Li demonstrating
Kuan Yin Standing Qigong
In the One Heart of the One Love


Awakening the Soul - Introduction



Kuan Yin Standing Qigong Part 1


Kuan Yin Standing Qigong Part 2


Master Li's Talk on Sheng Zhen Qigong

For more information, see Awakening the Soul & Sheng Zhen


Qigong Healing Method LogoTalking Steps to EnlightenmentEnlightenment Qigong for Returning to Oneness


As an important additional powerful, purifying, healing Qigong Healing Method modality covered in the Realization of Buddha Nature ebook, I have incorporated the following non-moving Tibetan Buddhist Tantric meditation - Divine Invocation Sanctum with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas - with Sheng Zhen Qigong, a non-religious Qigong practice that is not in conflict with all religions and other spiritual practices, as a supplementary balancing breathing and chanting Guru yoga meditation technique for healing, divine guidance, help, protection, opening the heart to unconditional love and elevating the spirit. See Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, Maitreya sitting Qigong, Maitreya Peace Meditation, and Heart Sutra Commentary /Heart Sutra

Energizing alkaline kangen water or spring natural water with alkaline pH before drinking through the sound of the following Tibetan Buddhist mantras will speed up healing and enlightenment a thousandfold. See Benefits of Energizing Water Bio-energetically and Co-creation of a New Gaia


Divine Invocation Sanctum with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas



Amitabha, Buddha of Infinite Light and Infinite Life
Namo Amitabha Buddha

Buddha Sakyamuni's blessingBuddha Kuan Yin's blessingBodhisattva Padmasambhava's blessing

Green Tara, Mother of All Buddhas
Buddha Green Tara


Invocation for Divine Blessings

To the Universal Supreme Being,
To Amitabha Buddha,
To Buddha Sakyamuni,
To Buddha Kuan Yin (Buddha Avalokiteshvara),
To Boddhisattva Mei Ling (Bodhisattva Padmasambhava),
To all the Great Buddhas and Boddhisattvas,
To all the Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual Helpers,
Thank you for the blessings of compassionate,
purifying light and soothing healing energy.
Thank you for the divine guidance, help and protection.



"The surrender that gives into the womb of nothingness
Becomes everything and nothing at all
There is only consciousness, a deep profound stillness
The seamless silence that is both empty and full"
-- Excerpt Return to the Origin from "Awakening the Soul"


Tsa Lung Trul Khor
Tsa Lung Trul Khor (Balancing Breathing Exercise)












Talking Heart

"Living your life for others, cherishing them with loving kindness and compassion is the door to happiness, the door to enlightenment." -- Lama Zopa Rinpoche, The Door to Satisfaction

"If you want to be happy, practice compassion. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion." - His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama


Maitreya Buddha Statue in India

By meditating on loving-kindness, peace naturally arises in our hearts and in our surrounding world. - Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Maitreya Buddha Statue in IndiaAccording to Maitreya Project, "Everyone wants peace. So much effort is spent trying to find peace but most people lack a practical method by which to generate it. Peace cannot be legislated, imposed nor safeguarded by coalitions and military forces. Loving-kindness is the only real cause of peace. The attitude of loving-kindness generates peace in the individual, which in turn creates peace in the family, peace in the community, peace within the nation, and in turn, peace within the world. Maitreya Buddha is the embodiment of loving-kindness and the Maitreya Peace Meditation is a practical method by which anyone, of any or even no religion, can generate loving-kindness, the real cause of peace. It is based on a meditation that Lama Yeshe often led during his public talks around the world."

The following mantras are chanted to awaken the compassionate spirit of love within our hearts (bodhicitta), and assist us to become Bodhisattvas (awakening beings):


Close Heart Mantra: OM MUNI MUNI MARA SOHA

Maitreya Buddha
Maitreya Buddha

"Maitreya is the manifestation of the love of all the buddhas - the supreme beings who have achieved limitless, universal love. When we practice the yoga method of Buddha Maitreya we unify with the universal love energy that is Maitreya by developing to their ultimate extent the limited qualities of love, compassion and purity that presently lie within us...

Tantra is the right practice for Westerners and of the utmost need in the twentieth century. After all, the Buddha wanted us to have as much perfect pleasure as possible; he certainly didn't want us to be miserable, confused or dissatisfied. Therefore we should understand that we meditate in order to gain profound pleasure, not to beat ourselves up or to experience pain. If entering the Buddhist path brings you nothing but fear and guilt then it's certainly not worth the effort." - Lama Yeshe from UNIVERSAL LOVE: The Yoga Method of Buddha Maitreya book

Awakening Heart of a Bodhisattva
Our Yi is Empowered by
Our Shen or Spirit




Merkaba, Hologram of Unconditional Love

Let your heart be filled with the joy of Dharma


Inner Peace thru Maitreya Shen Gong


Realization of Buddha Nature and Buddha Palm eBook


Drink Alkaline Antioxidant Clustered Kangen Water


Enlightenment and Healing


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